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Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society recognizes those who have linked their legacy to ours by making a planned, or deferred, gift to Saratoga Hospital through a bequest, life insurance, IRA, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, or other giving vehicle.

Planned gifts are critical because they are applied directly to the Hospital's endowment. As such, they help ensure that Saratoga Hospital can fulfill its commitment to the community for generations to come. As our endowment grows, so does our ability to invest in technology, staff, and facilities.

Legacy Society members receive a 14K gold pin—an original design by Dennis deJonghe—and have their names inscribed on a leaf on the beautiful ivy and metal sculpture in the Hospital main lobby. Members are also honored each year at an invitation-only luncheon and receive invitations throughout the year to attend special presentations.  

Following is a list of those who have notified us of their deferred commitment to Saratoga Hospital. Their generosity and foresight have earned them a place in our Legacy Society—and our deepest gratitude. If you have included Saratoga Hospital in your gift planning, please let us know so we can express our appreciation and welcome you to the Legacy Society.

Saratoga Hospital Foundation Legacy Society Members
(As of October 12, 2016)

Anonymous x4 Ann M. Harris † Mary E. Phillips
Blanche Alderson † Florence E. Harshe † Roland T. Phillips MD
Victoria G. Aldrich Dorothy Q. Hayden † Margaret Pitney †
Ruth Alsop † Robert S. Hayden Otto Plaug †
J. Raymond Amyot † Charlotte Helprin † Jay Portnoy 
David Andersen John E. Heslin † Ruth Pouliot
Susan L. Axelrod Beth Hill Amy Raimo †
Sheelagh Baily Florence Hinckley Janet E. Reeves †
Beverly June Becker Gillian Hirsch Esq.  Donna L. Reittinger
Anne Bokan † Anne Hunscher William G. Reittinger
Susan Bokan  Virginia H. Hunt † Carol Reynolds
Karl Broekhuizen Alan Janosy  Almelda 'A.C' Riley
May H. Cady † Stella Jivok † John L. Riley
Angelo Calbone Charles M. Joseph  David C. Roberts†
Mary Kay Calbone Mara King Ruth E. Roberts 
Mary A. Carroll † Grace I. Knapp † Floyd H. Rourke †
Bruce Clements Ruth Lakeway † Ora Joan Schepps
Barbara Conroe † Mary Lou Lamb Henry B. Settle †
Jane Costello Mary Jo LaPosta Marion Simon †
Denton Crocker PhD † Catherine Lawler † Fred A. Simonik †
Jean Marie Crocker Brian Lee Esq Yvonne Sinamon 
James E. Cudney † Patricia-Ann Lee PhD Bruce Solenski
Phyllis Dake † Terry Lee Alfred Z. Solomon †
Susan Dake  Milford D. Lester † Theresa Stevens
William Dake Erwin Levine PhD † Barbara Stevenson
Robin Lakian Dalton Agnes Liedel David Stevenson
Edward. R. Dax † Henry 'Jerry' MacDonald † Mary Stewart †
Charlie DiSanto Marcia MacDonald  Lester Strock †
Kathleen DiSanto † Elizabeth Macy Stephen Sullivan
Gary DiSanto - Rose Anthony Mangano Judge Michael Sweeney †
Mary DiSanto - Rose Margaret Mangano Carole Tarantino †
Clayton Dockstader † John C. Mannix Esq. David Tarella
Elizabeth Doyle † David W. Marcell PhD Elizabeth C. Terwilliger †
Mary Duffy Charles E. Martin  Dorcas Thompson †
Barbara M. Eaton Bonnie McGuire Jones Esq.  Martha Barclay Tinker †
Helen A. Endres Katherine McNeice Estelle Weiss †
Bryon Evans † Armand Mollenhauer Peggy H. Welch †
Peggy Evans Dorothy L. Morris † Eric J. Weller PhD
Mary Ellen Fischer PhD Allen Mossman Janice White
Mary Ann Fortune Judith Mossman Terrance White
Thomas Frost Mary P. Murray † Mr. John Hay Whitney †
Patricia Gallagher  John A. Nelson  Dorothy C. Wicken †
Lynne Gelber PhD Harold Niblo † Dorothy M. Williams †
Cheryl Gold † Shelia O'Connell Isabelle Williams
James Gold  Raymond F. O'Conor Mollie Wilmot †
Harry J. Hall † Claire Olds Miriam Young †
Lisa Hall Anne T. Palamountain † Sidney Young †
Richard Hamilton † Margaret C. Paulding † Jaonna Zangrando PhD
Dorothy Harran
John Peach † Mathilda 'Marty' Zelikofsky †
Stephan Harran Deane S. Pfeil Morton Zelikofsky 
John L. F. Harrigan † Jeffrey W. Pfeil   
 Planned Giving: Saratoga Hospital Foundation
For information on
Legacy Giving, contact:
Maureen Yee
Senior Officer,
Leadership Gifts


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