Annual Campaign

2016 Annual Giving Campaign

For decades, IV pumps have been used to deliver lifesaving fluids, from blood products to advanced antibiotics, insulin, and chemotherapy. Today, thanks to new "smart technology", IV pumps can do even more. Their high-tech safety features enhance patient care, improve medication management, and further ensure that patients receive the right medication at the right dose and the right time.

The new smart pumps offer significant advantages: 
  • Each pump includes a comprehensive drug library, complete with dosing parameters to help ensure dosing accuracy
  • Wireless technology enables us to monitor all pumps simultaneously - and to update the medication database in every pump in a single step
  • Embedded intelligence provides automatic, additional safety checks at the bedside before medication is administered
  • Built-in "interoperability" enables the pumps to communicate and exchange data with key hospital systems. That means we can automatically add IV medication history to our patients' electronic medical records - and enhance the care they receive in the future
That's why our 2016 Annual Campaign is raising money to outfit every Saratoga Hospital location with this breakthrough technology. By giving to our Annual Campaign, you can have a powerful, positive impact on virtually everyone who turns to us for care. 

Your gift will help us provide the routine healthcare that will make a world of
difference for our underinsured neighbors.
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