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Gifts of Gratitude 

Patients and their families often ask how they can best express their thanks for the expert, compassionate care they received while at Saratoga Hospital locations. Those thank-you’s come in many forms and are deeply appreciated by our dedicated clinicians and non-medical staff.

One way to express your gratitude—and benefit other patients—is to make a gift to Saratoga Hospital through our Grateful Patient Program. Donations of any amount recognize our staff for their exceptional care and help us continue to provide that same great care to others.

Honoring Your Hospital "Hero"

If a provider, support staff, or entire unit or department went above and beyond during your hospital stay, please consider making a gift in their honor.

They will be recognized as a Saratoga Hospital Hero and will receive a lapel pin acknowledging both their commitment to excellence and your gratitude. The amount of your donation will remain confidential, but your words of appreciation will be shared and will mean the world to your hospital hero. Their pins will be a source of personal pride and an inspiration to others.

Thank you!

Hero Spotlight

Honoring Dr. Dorothy Reynolds

Cara Milde’s daughter, Lizzie, hands Dr. Dorothy Reynolds her Saratoga Hospital Hero pin.

In November of 2021, Cara Milde met Dr. Dorothy Reynolds, seeking treatment for her daughter, Lizzie’s eyes. Cara had taken her daughter to numerous ophthalmologists without resolution. Within moments of first meeting Dr. Reynolds and describing her daughter's symptoms, Dr. Reynolds was able to provide a diagnosis and shortly after a simple, life-changing surgery dramatically improved Lizzie's vision and quality of life.

"Dr. Reynold’s team is so friendly, so kind and so knowledgeable, we always feel as though we are in the best hands possible. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Reynolds for her expertise and the exceptional care she gave Lizzie. There is no thank you big enough, but every day when we look in our daughter’s beautiful eyes, we are reminded of how lucky we are to have Dr. Reynolds at Saratoga Hospital." - Cara Milde

To make a gift or for more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..